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“Why WordPress Maintenance?” I hear you thinking. Cars need servicing, humans and animals need to visit the doctor for check-ups. A website is no different. The fact is, your WordPress website is an important marketing tool and should be regularly maintained, monitored, and updated. With my packages, you’ll get everything you need to enhance the success of your website. And the best part is, you don’t even have to switch your web hosting contract!

Through WordPress maintenance, I keep your website stable, competitive, and ensure that hackers and viruses don’t steal your nerves and time. Here are the points I cover with my maintenance packages:


Regular WordPress updates bring more stability, performance and security to your website. However, it can happen that some plugins are not compatible with each other. Within a WordPress maintenance I personally check your plugins for compatibility.


Security is important – because viruses and hackers can attack your website and paralyze it. This should be prevented. I check your website within the WordPress maintenance for gaps and problems and give you tips and advice to increase the security.


Outages are not uncommon. Be it due to maintenance work or unforeseen incidents. But who tells you that your website is down? Your customers? Live Monitoring monitors your website 24/7. If something doesn’t work, I’ll let you know and take care of it.


Backups are so-called security copies of your website and an important part of a WordPress maintenance. These copies are not only useful and necessary at regular intervals, but should also be made by someone who knows how to do it. Because what good are backup copies if you can’t activate them?


Performance is important. Today more than in the past, otherwise we would probably all still be riding around with a horse. It’s the same with your website. Everything has to be available within seconds. Otherwise you lose visibility, customers and revenue. Through a WordPress maintenance, performance hogs can be detected and fixed.

Personal support

Have you ever enjoyed the benefits of a personal contact for questions and problems? Sit back. In every WordPress maintenance these benefits are included. You are not a customer number, you are my personal customer.

WordPress maintenance prices

Packages for any WordPress website
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  • WordPress Core Update 1x im Monat
  • Theme Update 1x im Monat
  • Plugin Update 1x im Monat
  • Backup 1x im Monat
  • Sicherheitscheck inklusive
Für WordPress Seiten mit kleinen WooCommerce Shop
Hottest offer


  • WordPress Core Update 2x im Monat
  • Theme Update 2x im Monat
  • Plugin Update 2x im Monat
  • WooCommerce Update 2x im Monat
  • Backup 1x in der Woche
  • Sicherheitscheck inklusive
  • Live Überwachung der Erreichbarkeit der Website
  • Wiederherstellung bei Bedarf
  • Tote Links Liste
Für WordPress Seiten mit WooCommerce Shop
Hottest offer


  • WordPress Core Update gleich nach Verfügbarkeit
  • Theme Update 4x im Monat
  • Plugin Update 4x im Monat
  • WooCommerce Update 4x im Monat
  • Backup Täglich
  • Sicherheitscheck inklusive
  • Live Überwachung der Erreichbarkeit der Website
  • Wiederherstellung bei Bedarf
  • Tote Links Liste
  • Staging Umgebung

Borlabs Cookie Annual License

Bonus for annual contracts

With all annual contracts for a completed WordPress maintenance (including monthly payment), you will receive a bonus: a one-year license for the Borlabs Cookie Plugin (Recommended for GDPR-compliant websites) FOR FREE!

Two packages, one price: WordPress content maintenance + WordPress maintenance

The best packages for any WordPress website
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Basic Pflege

  • Alles aus dem Basic Wartunspaket
  • 30 Minuten Content Pflege inkludiert
  • SEO Basic Überprüfung und Optimierung
Hottest offer

Business Pflege

  • Alles aus dem Business Wartunspaket
  • 1 Stunde Content Pflege  
  • SEO Basic Überprüfung und Optimierung
Hottest offer

Pro Pflege

  • Alles aus dem Pro Wartunspaket
  • 2 Stunden Content Pflege  
  • SEO Basic Überprüfung und Optimierung

Frequently asked questions about WordPress maintenance & care

From the right strategy, to the most important benefits to wordpress maintenance.

The right strategy for WordPress maintenance

A WordPress maintenance strategy is a plan that includes regular updates and security checks for your WordPress system. By performing these activities, it ensures that your website functions smoothly and is protected from threats.

There are various approaches to creating a WordPress maintenance strategy. Some companies prefer to handle everything themselves, while others opt for an external service provider. In any case, it is important to perform regular updates and carefully monitor and maintain your website.

If you choose to handle everything yourself, you should ensure that regular time is invested in maintaining the website. It is advisable to create a backup of the website at least once a week. If you don’t have time to handle everything yourself, idigIT offers regular maintenance and support packages. These packages include regular security checks and updates, as well as technical support.

Regardless of the path you choose, it is important to have a WordPress maintenance strategy.

What are the advantages of WordPress maintenance?

A maintenance involves regular care for your WordPress website. If you don’t regularly maintain your website, it can have negative effects on the security, performance, and visibility of your website. Maintaining a WordPress website includes tasks such as updating the software, creating backups, and deleting unused or unnecessary files.

Maintenance is important because…

  • Your website stays more secure – A security vulnerability in your WordPress website can lead to a hack. However, updating the software provides new security features that help prevent hacks.
  • Your website runs faster – Every new version of WordPress includes speed and performance improvements. This means that an updated WordPress website is usually faster than an outdated website.
  • You gain access to the latest features – Some of the best reasons to update the software are the new features and enhancements provided with each new version. Some of these features can save you time or help drive more traffic to your website.

Which WordPress updates are important?

There are different types of WordPress updates: security updates, feature updates and design updates. Security updates are the most important because they fix security vulnerabilities in WordPress that could be exploited by hackers. Functionality updates bring new features and improvements to WordPress, while design updates take care of the design of your website.

All updates should be installed as soon as they become available. Many hosting providers automatically install security updates, but you should still regularly check for updates and install them as soon as they appear.

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